Cafe Dulce

A few months back, my daddy stopped by in LA for a couple days enroute to Texas for a business trip. It was a nice get-together for a couple days. On the day he was scheduled to fly back, we made a short stop at Cafe Dulce for breakfast, before sending him off to Union Station to take the flyaway to LAX. I decided on Cafe Dulce because it was one of the better rated cafes that was open at that time, plus, it’s really near Union Station.

What I love about Cafe Dulce is that they put their spin and take on the classic treats. For example, bacon doughnuts, green tea donuts, ice cream macaron sandwiches. It helps them differentiate from the other cafes. Daddy was intrigued by the bacon doughnuts and went ahead and ordered it. My sister had those classic asian ‘roti bun’ and i had the green tea version.

It was nice sitting outside on a cold and quiet sunday morning, with a hot latte and some pastries, Daddy being there made it even more enjoyable. The coffee was good, but for me, what stood out the most was the green tea roti bun. It was crispy on the inside, but soft and fluffy on the inside. It even had a little custard filling inside. I personally would’ve liked it if they had a little more custard filling, but that’s just me being greedy.

Daddy also thoroughly enjoyed his bacon doughnut. He loved the sweet and salty combination of that dish. The doughnut was average, but it was the creative play on the usual doughnut that made it so unique, plus the combination works. Dad still talks about it occasionally when I visit home or when we are on the phone!

Cafe Dulce is a good place to try something new, they have many more interesting dishes to offer, but we were there too early, and most things were not ready. Plus, all the food in the Japanese Mall where the Cafe Dulce is located has pretty good food. The classic japanese red bean pancakes, the mochi icecream, Daikokuya just right across the street. Definitely a good DTLA spot for good food.

Cafe Dulce
134 Japanese Village Plaza, Building E
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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